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Assessment of overseas qualifications


Our assessments

AEI-NOOSR assessments are a guide to the educational level of an overseas qualification in terms of a qualification on the Australian Qualifications Framework. Australia signed the Lisbon Recognition Convention in 2002. As an obligation under this convention AEI NOOSR became the official National Information Centre for Australia. In this capacity NOOSR provides: 

  • information about the Australian higher education system to promote the recognition of Australian qualifications in other countries; and
  • information and advice about overseas education systems to facilitate the recognition of overseas qualifications in Australia.

We assess:


  • higher education, post-secondary technical and vocational overseas qualifications for general purposes.

Our assessments do not:

  • qualify you for migration to Australia. You will need to contact the Department of Immigration and Border Protection for all migration enquiries.

  • qualify you for admission to study at an Australian university or other education provider. You should apply directly to the university or other education provider. The university or education provider should not refer you to us for admission to study.

  • qualify you for membership of a professional body. You should contact the professional body. The professional body will not usually refer you to us to get an educational assessment.

  • qualify you for employment. You should contact the employer. Depending on their policy/requirements, a few employers may refer you to us to get an educational assessment.

  • compare qualifications by competency standards, subject or study area e.g. an overseas Bachelor of Science may be compared to an Australian Bachelor Degree, but not specifically an Australian Bachelor of Science.


We do not assess:


We do not provide assessments by email or phone.

Assessment time

Assessments can take up to 3 months.

Fees for assessments

The fee depends on the number of qualifications you want assessed and your residency status. See Fees for assessments for full details.

Documents required

For a full list of documents required including information on certification, approved translators and proof of residency, see Documents we require.

Apply online

Start an online application.

Note that you will need to register with AEI Online first. You will need to provide your first name and last name and create a password.

To help you plan for and understand the application process, the steps to complete an online application are:

Step 1.  Register with AEI Online

Step 2. Complete online application form

Step 3. Print and sign the Applicant Declaration

Step 4. Make payment online via credit card

Step 5. Scan and create 2 PDF documents:  1. Required documents and 2. Applicant Declaration

Step 6. Email us your 2 PDF documents as attachments with your name and AEI Order Number.